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Connecting people who want junk removed with professional haulers who remove and haul junk!

Junk Removal Pros

Trusted junk hauling pros are experts at removing furniture, couches, hot tubs, appliances, and more. They are well equipped to remove your junk and haul it away.

Quick Service

Local junk haulers are working around the clock and are eager to help you remove and haul away your unwanted items. Get a free estimate and get your job done today.

Fair Prices

All haulers have been verified to offer their junk removal services for fair market prices, and they all have an excellent reputation in their specific markets.

Eco Friendly ♻️

All haulers are committed to protecting our environment by helping divert many items from landfills and oceans to recycling centers and donation facilities.

Junk Removal Pros: Whether you are moving, landscaping, remodeling, or maybe doing a little spring cleaning, trusted junk haulers are here to help you de-clutter your life and get back to doing the things you love. Our goal is to make junk removal stress free, which is why we only work with top local junk removal companies that have promised to charge fair prices, protect our environment, and have top customer service ratings. These professionals show up on time, give you a free estimate, and then remove your unwanted items and haul them away. Customer satisfaction is a core focus and they make sure to leave your house or office cleaner than you could ever imagine.

Household Junk

Our pros haul away furniture, couches, tables, chairs, patio furniture, hot tups, spas, treadmills, exercise equipment, bbq, yard debris, construction debris, and more.

Appliances and TVs

Our pros remove, haul, and recycle all types of appliances and TVs including refrigerators, freezers, washer and dryer, dish washing machines, tube TVs, and more.

Couches & Furniture

Our pros come equipped to haul away sectional couches, sleeper sofas, regular old couches, dining room tables, coffee tables, and all other types of furniture.

Hot Tubs & Spas

Our pros know how to remove old hot tubs and spas from almost any location. They either remove it in one piece, or disassemble onsite and haul it away.