Junk removal companies provide an invaluable service to people who need unwanted items removed from their homes or offices. From large appliances to old furniture, these companies can haul away just about anything for a reasonable fee. Here are the top 5 haul away items that people most often call junk removal companies for:

1. Old Furniture

Old furniture is easily one of the top items that get hauled away by junk removal companies. From couches and chairs to dressers and tables, furniture can take up a lot of space in homes and offices and require considerable effort to move. Hauling these items away with a professional team alleviates much of the burden. One of the most common times that people look for these items to be hauled off is when they are moving and not looking to take the older items with them to their new location. Another is when new furniture is purchased, but delivery companies refuse to remove the old items for customers. This is most often the case with the purchase of mattresses and couches. Nevertheless, junk removal companies offer a fast, reliable service to get you more space!

2. Appliances

Major appliances like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines are bulky pieces of equipment that can be difficult to move on your own. Junk removal companies can come in, disconnect the appliance, safely remove it from the property and take it away for disposal or recycling if necessary. Forget about having to find a vehicle big enough to haul your items with or deal with going to the local dump! Simply reach out to a local company and have them take care of it all for you.

3. Electronics

Electronics like TVs, computer monitors, printers and electronics components can also be taken care of by junk removal teams. These items contain materials that are hazardous to humans when improperly disposed of so it’s important to have them removed properly by professionals. While it is possible to search where local e-waste centers are and drop items off yourself, it can be a hassle when you’re getting rid of multiple types of electronics. Some e-waste centers only accept specific types of electronics. By hiring for the disposal you can save yourself the time and headache of properly getting rid of these items.

4. Yard Wastes

Items such as tree branches, brush debris and garden trimmings can be difficult for homeowners to haul away on their own due to their size and weight. Junk removal teams can quickly tackle these jobs with specialized tools designed specifically for taking care of yard waste efficiently. By explaining the job to them ahead of time, professional junk removal crews will come prepared with trailers, bags, and power tools ready to get the job done!

5. Construction Debris

Construction debris such as drywall, wood and insulation can be extremely difficult for homeowners to get rid of on their own. Not only can the debris be heavy and bulky but it may contain hazardous materials that need to be disposed of properly by professionals. Junk removal teams are able to quickly haul away construction debris with minimal disruption and optimal efficiency. Booking ahead of time will ensure that you have the proper crew size needed to remove all debris on time.

Now that you know what the top 5 haul away items are, you too can schedule to have a junk removal company help clear out your space. Nothing feels better than decluttering your space!

If you are considering opening a junk removal business, we hope that this information helps paint a clearer picture of what the most common haul jobs are as well as what equipment and crew size you may need to be prepared for. If you already own a junk removal company and are looking to get high-quality junk removal leads sent directly to your phone, check out All Local Pros. Sign up today and get your first 5 leads today!