You probably never thought of a junk hauler as your new best friend. But that’s exactly the way you’ll feel after you hire one. Junk haulers can make your life so much easier by helping you declutter. We don’t always realize the things that we’re accumulating until we either look for something but can’t find it or suddenly realize we haven’t cleaned out the garage, basement, closet, junk drawer, storage facility – you get the idea. And now it’s out of control. Where does all that stuff come from? 


Do we need to say more? If you’re like us, you don’t mind getting deliveries. It’s so much fun opening up boxes and seeing your new treasures. 

Just one problem – they come in containers. Large ones, small ones, mostly cardboard ones. Not so much fun. You probably keep them for a little while because they’ll come in handy. One day. 

But that turns into days or maybe even weeks. You can only put so much cardboard in your recycling bin each week. Meanwhile, you’re overwhelmed with flattened pieces of cardboard that multiply when you’re not looking. 

What the previous owners left behind 

Hot tubs are great. Move into a new place and find one already in place for you. But we quickly find out that used hot tubs may not work so well anymore, aren’t as energy efficient as new ones, need a lot of chemicals and equipment. And maybe the scariest – full of someone else’s germs.  

Or maybe they left a garage full of dried out paint cans, useless tools, and stuff covered in cobwebs. 

The second refrigerator 

We hate to get rid of perfectly good appliances. We might need to store some extra milk or leftovers.  

But, in reality, most of us don’t use them as much as we think we do. And if they’re a second appliance, they’re probably not energy efficient. Maybe you’re not using it anymore. If it’s still plugged in, you’re using electricity to keep them running. And, if not, they’re just taking up precious floor space.  

And if they stopped working well some time ago, no one else wants them. You can’t sell or donate them. It’s definitely time to go.  

Reno projects 

We love to see the results of home improvement projects. It just freshens everything up and makes it feel like a new place. There’s paint, pieces of drywall, bathroom or kitchen fixtures and so much debris that comes from who knows where?  


Everything that comes down or off must go somewhere else. Probably not in your trash bin. 

Yard debris 

Whether or not you like to weed, plant, prune, mow, fertilize, it needs to be done and it all generates stuff. Branches, grass clippings, bushes, broken fences. Stuff that has to go somewhere else. Like the trash. But who has a trash bin large enough for all of that? 

House cleanouts 

Yay, you’re moving into a new house! But that probably also means you have to clean yours out of years of accumulation.  

Or maybe you buy and sell houses. They probably need cleanouts before and after tenants or buyers. Or maybe the previous owners left some unwanted surprises that they never threw out.  

Storage units 

What a great idea! When you have too much stuff, you can drive it to a storage unit. Because you may need that stuff – someday. It may be worth money – someday. Or you’re storing stuff for your kids or your ex or your parents. In any case, it’s just another place to store stuff that you’re not going to use any time soon.  

The average cost of a smaller storage unit is $50 – $100 per month. Larger units can cost as much as $300 or more per month. Unless you’re using it as a temporary solution (moving into a new place and need to keep your real stuff somewhere), it quickly becomes an unnecessary expense.  

Renting or buying storage units and junk picking are hot businesses. Most cities have local companies who buy the contents of unused storage units and resell them. It’s so popular that there are a variety of reality shows about buying and selling other people’s stuff. But if you have another job or responsibilities or you don’t want to be a “picker,” it’s a lot of work.  

The cost of hiring a reputable junk removal service is an affordable, one time cost compared to monthly storage costs that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars every year.  

If you long to live clutter-free, contact a reputable junk hauling service like Remove and Haul and enjoy your extra space. And spend the money you save on something more meaningful than stuff you probably won’t use.