Declutter Dilemma

You’re trying to decide if you need a dumpster. But you have questions about what that means. Maybe you’re worried about the cost or how it works. Or you just want the easiest method possible to dispose of your “stuff”.

Do you need a dumpster?

That depends on what you’re planning on doing. There are many options for getting rid of “stuff”.

You can try putting it out for your weekly trash pick-up but there are limitations. Generally, the trash company allots a maximum number of receptacles and charges extra for additional materials.

If it’s organic material, your community may have a compost program. But that leaves out a fair amount of items.

Some things can be recycled. Of course, there are limitations on what can be recycled.

Donating is a form of recycling that benefits the giver as well the receiver. There’s a variety of organizations that are always in need. But they also only take certain items.
So, maybe you need a dumpster.

The size and cost of the rental will depend on which category you need. Typical rentals are for:
– Household clutter
– Renovation debris
– Rental or commercial cleanouts
– Commercial garbage disposal
– Construction debris
– Event waste

These are broken down into temporary and permanent dumpsters.

Types of dumpsters

Dumpster bags – a dumpster bag can be a great do-it-yourself solution for small household projects

Temporary – also generally known as a roll off dumpster. Short-term rentals may range between 3-5 days and 7-10 days. Some companies offer daily rates, but there’s generally no discount on a shorter term rental because it costs the hauling company the same rate at the dump site regardless of the amount of time rented.

– Decide size and type?
– Where does it go?
– Recycling?
– Do you have the necessary permits?

Dumpster lingo?/things you need to know
Define – yard fees, pull-out fees
Hazardous materials – regs? Tires? batteries, test mats first?
Things you can’t put in a dumpster such as dirt, rocks, and bricks.

Why do you need a dumpster for decluttering?

Well, maybe you don’t. It depends on how good your decluttering efforts are. And how much you’re getting rid of. A dumpster may be a bit of overkill for a simple decluttering job. But think about it. Don’t you have stuff in the basement and the attic? And maybe in some closets? On the dining room table? You gt the idea – it’s everywhere. The thing is – it’s probably more than you think. Clothes, jewelry, and shoes you realistically aren’t going to wear in the immediate future. Tools in the garage that you aren’t going to use to build that thing.
Then we have the

Organize the clutter:
– Get several boxes, containers or bags.
– Attack 1 room or type of clutter at a time – garage, basement, bedroom, etc.
– Use each container for similar items, i.e., 1 bag for things you wear, 1 for decorative items, etc.
– Don’t get scared. Putting it in the box doesn’t mean you can’t have a change of heart for something in the boxes. But you might be surprised how easy it becomes to let go once you put it in the container.
– Donate what you can.
– Rent the dumpster or dumpster bag for the rest.
– Sleep peacefully and enjoy the simplicity.