Do you own a towing company? Are you looking to book more jobs? We know just where to go! ALL LOCAL PROS! Let me tell you more.

Our friends at All Local Pros, a lead generation company, are offering towing leads to professional tow companies at a price lower than most lead services! All leads are 100% organically generated, and they are offered exclusively to one business per service area. This eliminates competition between companies, which leads to a higher closing rate. Current customers have been claiming they are closing 70-80% of the jobs that they are getting. That means that for every 10 leads that they send, most customers are booking an average of 7 or 8 jobs. Want more info? Keep reading.

The type of leads that All Local Pros send out are people that are in need on a tow right then within your area. They are either stuck on the side of the road or looking for same day service. All leads come through as direct calls, which means that you simple answer the call and book the job like you normally do. Because they aren’t a car club, you have complete freedom on what you charge per job. You know what works best for your business, so ALP trusts you to charge what you should. Each good lead costs $15, and billing takes place twice a week. This lowers the size of bill you get, and allows you to manage your charges easier.

What about bad leads? You will never pay for them! Get a call from someone looking for their car or needing a tow from outside your service area? The lead removal process is simple! All customers need to do is submit their bad lead for review to All Local Pros. From there, a customer service representative will review the lead and issue a credit refund when necessary. They believe that if you don’t have the chance to win the job, you shouldn’t be charged for it!

Lastly, ALP believes in their leads so much that they are allowing new customers the chance to try them for FREE! Sign up today and get your first 5 leads on them. This allows you to get a feel for the quality and quantity of calls they can send through. Not a fan? Cancel anytime. There are no contracts or hidden fees, so what’s there to lose? Check if your service area is available today!