Junk Removal Pros

Socially Appropriate Junk Removal Services

During these uncertain times, we understand the need for social distancing.

Curb-side Pickup

Our pros offer no-contact junk removal services to all of our customers. Simply leave your unwanted items outside your house where they can be easily accessed by our junk removal professionals and we will haul them away.

Protective Gear

If you need full-service junk removal, and would like our professional haulers to enter your house to remove and haul away your unwanted items. At your request haulers can wear gloves and masks to make sure you are safe.

Pay Over the Phone

To ensure your safety, pros can process payments over the phone in an effort to reduce contact, limit the length of time our haulers are on-site, and make sure there is no cross contamination on cash or credit cards.

Junk Removal Pros

Our junk hauling pros are experts at removing furniture, couches, hot tubs, appliances, and more. They are well equipped to remove your junk and haul it away.

Same Day Service

Local junk haulers are working around the clock and are eager to help you remove and haul away your unwanted items. Get a free estimate and get started.

Compare and Save

Get multiple estimates from the top local junk removal companies. All companies have been verified to offer their junk removal services for fair prices.

Eco Friendly ♻️

We only work with haulers who are committed to protecting our environment by helping divert many items from landfills and oceans to recycling centers and donation facilities.