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Exclusive Moving Leads

We deliver high quality leads to established moving companies.

"These are the best moving leads on the planet" - Jeremiah Yamdogo

$8 - $40 per lead

Moving Leads

Moving leads are people who are actively looking for a moving company to help them complete their move. The lead will be delivered in real-time via email and connected instantly via an automated phone call. Lead information will include contact info and move size.

Exact price is determined by exclusivity and how competitive your area is for moving services.

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$24 - $70 per call

Moving Calls

Moving Calls are from people who are requesting a free estimate and are looking to schedule a move with a moving company. Calls will be sent directly to your designated business number, and an email will be sent when the call is completed with the call recording attached.

Exact price is determined by how competitive your area is for moving services.

Check to see if calls are available in your area

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these leads and calls shared? Exclusive leads and calls are not shared with any other company. However, you may choose to purchase shared leads for a discounted price.

Where do these leads and calls come from? All of our leads are from people who are searching on the internet for moving services. They are actively seeking out your service which means they have a greater chance of being a good customer.

How many calls can I expect? It really depends on the time of year. On average, we deliver 1-3 calls per day in the slow times, and 3-10 per day during the busy times.

What are moving calls? A moving call is someone who is on this website and calls a tracking number. When they call in they will be automatically transferred to your business phone number so you can take the call, provide and estimate, and hopefully schedule their service. All calls are legally recorded and a call recording will be emailed to you upon completion of the call.

What is a moving lead? A moving lead is someone who completes an online form on our website and is requesting a free estimate for moving services. You will be emailed all details about this request and will also receive an automated call generated from our platform that instantly connects you with the customer.

Do I have to pay for the lead or call even if I don’t close the deal? Yes, you have to pay for the lead or the call if you have an opportunity to win the job.

What happens if I get a bad lead? We will not charge you if you get a lead or a call from someone who is outside of your service area, someone who is requesting a free service, or someone who is looking for a service that is outside the scope of movers services.

Can I cancel anytime? Yes, if you are not happy with the leads for whatever reason you can cancel anytime.

Will I make good money buying these leads and calls?  IF you pick up the phone and are good at booking appointments you will likely make a A LOT of money with these calls. However, if you don’t pick up the phone every time a customer calls you will not be happy with our service. Normally, when people call they are looking to reserve moving services RIGHT NOW and if you don’t pick up the phone they will call another company and you will lose the job.

How does billing work? We will keep a credit card on file and will bill you every Wednesday for good leads that you have received over the previous seven days.

Which businesses do the best with these leads? The companies who have been really successful with our leads pick up the phone every single time, are priced competitively in their market, and are good at turning calls into appointments. If you have these three characteristics you can make a lot of money with our leads.