Mattress Disposal


Mattresses are filling up our landfills faster than ever before, and with the new influx of foam mattresses you can purchase online it appears this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. We have to admit, the mattress in a box is very comfy and the value is definitely there. The problem we all have when we order one of these new mattresses, whether it be online or at the local mattress store, is what to do with the old one? We have a few ideas…

Donations – In rare occurrences you can donate your mattress for free. This should be your top choice as there are a lot of people who would be super happy to have a gently used mattress. The key here is, the mattress must be “gently used”. It shouldn’t have many, if any stains, and it should be in good condition overall. Church groups and other organizations that help low income families often accept these donations.

Byebyemattress – California has a program called byebyemattress, where there are several locations where you can drop your mattress off for FREE. These mattress recycling centers will chop up your mattress, scrap the coil springs, and recycle the other components. This is the most eco-friendly way to dispose of your mattress if one of these programs exists in your local area. The trick here is, you have to have a way to get your old mattress to one of these recycling centers because they don’t do house pickups. Also, we highly advise against tying your mattress to the roof of your sedan and careening down the freeway

Landfill – The last resort for DIY mattress removal is to take it to the landfill. Our landfills are getting full, and the last thing we need is one more mattress to take up space. Further, most landfills and transfer stations will charge you an extra fee for mattress disposal, and just like with Byebyemattress, you will need to find a way to get your mattress to the local facility. We don’t recommend renting a truck and taking it to the landfill as this will likely cost more than hiring a professional hauler to come pick it up.

Junk Removal Service – For a small fee you can hire a junk removal company to swing by and pick up your mattress. Companies like ours (Remove and Haul) coordinate with many mattress recycling centers to properly dispose of mattresses in an environmentally friendly manner. In some cases, when mattress recycling centers don’t exist, we actually deconstruct the mattresses ourselves, scrap the metal, and recycle the other components. To get a free estimate for our mattress disposal service, please check out some of our locations including Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Reno, Fresno, and more.