Junk Removal Leads

$18 - $32

Junk removal leads are people who are actively looking for junk removal services. The lead will be delivered in real-time via email or deposited directly into your CRM. Lead information will include name, address, phone number, and items that need to be removed.

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Junk Removal Calls

$18 - $32

Junk removal calls are from people who are requesting a free estimate and want to book a junk removal service. Calls will be sent directly to your designated business number, and an email will be sent when the call is completed with the call recording and transcript.

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*We guarantee a 300% return on your first 20 leads. We deliver high quality leads to high quality junk haulers.

Direct Mail

We source junk removal leads from highly targeted direct mail campaigns focused on businesses, and people who are likely to need junk removal services.

Programmatic Display

We create and deploy targeted programmatic display and social media campaigns aimed at people who are likely to need junk removal services within the next few weeks.

Search Engine Marketing

Our highly advanced search engine marketing campaigns generate high quality leads from people who are actively searching for junk removal services.

Corporate Contracts

We actively pursue and secure contracts with national corporations to generate leads that lead to large junk removal jobs for businesses and retail locations.

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